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Successful mini-clod plants

Successful mini-clod plants

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The spring-flowering plants are sold in mini-clods starting in the fall.

This saves time compared to sowing.

But in order not to skip the steps, follow these tips.

In winter

If you bought your plants during a cold snap, keep them in a frost-free room while waiting to plant them in the spring. Remember to open the packaging well so that they breathe and see the light! Water them but do not drown them. You can also plant them in planters kept at a temperature above ten degrees.

If you put them in the ground before the frosts, cover them with an overwintering veil or light mulch until they take root. After planting, it is always important to water abundantly to expel the air and put the roots of the young plants in contact with the substrate (soil or potting soil). Speaking of potting soil, don't skimp when you buy it, because its quality will depend on the success of your culture.

In spring

Watch for slugs that devour the young shoots and trap them with beer or under tiles.

Do not hesitate to pinch the first buds so as not to exhaust the plants by too early flowering. The following will be all the more beautiful. Often remove faded flowers that tire plants with rising seeds. These pinches will also prolong flowering.

If you are dizzy and often forget to add "flower" fertilizer, put a few granules of delayed fertilizer (Osmocote®) under the plants at the start of the season. Organic gardeners will prefer well-rotted compost or humus. In soils that are too heavy (clayey), a supply of sand can be appreciated. In times of drought, straw to save water. Never water the flowers (which spreads disease) but the base of the plants.

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