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Lobelia, lobelia: cascading flowers

Lobelia, lobelia: cascading flowers

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Lobelia is a very pretty little plant that flowers most of the summer. Very easy to grow and maintain, it flowers generously.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Lobelia urens
Family : Campanulaceae
Type : Perennial

Height : 40 cm
: Sunny
Ground : Moist and well drained

Flowering : August to September

Planting or sowing lobelia

First, note that there are varieties of annual lobelia and other perennials. There are thus 350 varieties of lobelia and among them we find lobelia, hanging and even shrub.

Planting lobelia:

Purchased in a pot or container, you will plant it perennial lobelias directly in the ground throughout the spring, taking care to water regularly at the beginning.

  • Lobelia likes well-drained, rich soils
  • Prefer a sunny or slightly shaded situation

Sowing seeds of annual lobelia:

Sowing annual lobelia is quite delicate and therefore deserves special attention. The best variety of annual lobelia in our latitudes is lobelia erinus.

  • Sowing in place from the month of February-March-April indoors or outdoors in temperate regions and a little later where late frosts can be feared
  • The transplanting in a bucket will take place as soon as the first leaves come out
  • The installation will only take place after the last frosts, usually in May

Lobelia in pot:

Lobelia (lobelia) in pots is quite possible to grow on a terrace or balcony.

  • Plant the lobelia in a good soil for flowering plants
  • Prefer partial shade than a too sunny situation which could burn the flowers and dry out the soil quickly.
  • Water as soon as the soil is dry on the surface.

Seasonal maintenance of lobelia

We say that prune the lobelia after the first flowering helps promote and stimulate a second flowering, and it is!

  • Adding fertilizer to flowering plants helps stimulate growth and flowering, especially for plants grown in pots or in flower boxes.

Every 2 to 3 years, multiply your lobelia by division of the tuft in spring, it gives a new youth to the plant.

In addition to these few maintenance gestures, the lobelia is an easy flower which, once properly installed, should ask you no harm for a beautiful flowering in season.

Lobelia in pot:

If you are growing lobelia in pots (lobelia), make sure the soil is sufficiently fertilized.

  • Applying flower plant fertilizer in the spring will improve and prolong seasonal flowering.

All you need to know about lobelia

This plant has pretty, lance-shaped flowers that are pale blue and mauve in color. We speak of her as one of the most flowering but also as the queen of suspensions.

Also known as the "swamp cardinal", this relatively inconspicuous and elegant plant thrives admirably in rather humid places.

Among the most common varieties we find:

Lobelia erinus : about 15 cm high, it offers pretty little blue flowers from May to October. Annually, it goes out with the first frost.

Lobelia cardinalis : It is a perennial lobelia, quite tall with 80 cm, offering pretty flowers in purple red tone

Lobelia fulgens : taller than the average lobelia, it offers flowers a little larger than lobelia erinus and a very beautiful red

Smart tip about lobelia

A fertilizer based on manure and algae will improve the development of the plant as well as its flowering!

Photo © Olga Ionina, © Profi

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