How to choose the shutters for your house

How to choose the shutters for your house

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Shutters and louvers have many practical functions. They protect not only from light, cold and heat, but also from infringements.

Aesthetically, they are in the foreground on a facade and must therefore be chosen with care.

Respect the regulations

As with all work modifying the exterior appearance of a house, replacing the shutters involves submitting a prior declaration of work to the town hall. It is also necessary to verify that the house is not located in a protected area, in which case the opinion of the architect of the buildings of Francewill be required.

Finally, if the house is part of a condominium, it is important to ask the authorization of the trustee before starting the work.

Insulation, security ... define your needs

When it comes to choosing your components, you first need to define your priorities. Safety, insulation, comfort, budget, maintenance and aesthetics are all criteria to be weighed. Indeed, these allow you to choose the material best suited to your needs.

  • Woodis the most widely used material for shutters. It is a good thermal insulator, gives an incomparable character to a facade and comes in many shapes. Note that it is better accepted in restricted areas than other materials. However, regular maintenance is necessary (stain, paint, etc.).
  • PVCis an economical material, light and easy to handle, and requiring little maintenance. It is available in multiple shapes and colors.
  • Aluminumoffers very good performance in terms of safety, longevity and maintenance, which remains minimalist. This material is suitable for contemporary homes, emphasizing the refined aesthetic.

What type of closure to choose

The shutters are available in three categories: leaf, roller and shutter.

  • The swing shuttersopen onto the facade and lend themselves to both traditional and contemporary styles with a wide range of shapes and colors. Depending on your needs, they are available in a full version, to obtain total darkness in a room, or in a slatted version letting in subdued light.
  • Roller shuttersensure an optimal level of safety, especially when they are equipped with anti-tear systems. They offer good thermal insulation and protect against natural light. Depending on the mood, they can be opened fully or partially. For ease of use, they can be motorized or even integrated into a home automation system to be controlled remotely via a smartphone.
  • Shuttersare made up of several leaves which fold in on themselves. It is an ideal solution in sunny regions, the openness allowing to compose between shade and light, to keep privacy and freshness. Wood shutters adapt to the traditional style of your region, while in PVC or aluminum, they combine ease of maintenance and lightness.

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