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What to plant in a winter planter?

What to plant in a winter planter?

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It's gray and cold, and that's a good reason not to leave your planters fallow!

Many plants survive the season without damage.

They bring a little greenery and color to your window sills.

Choose your plants according to the orientation and sunlight of your balcony or window sill.

Most flowers need sunlight, while small conifers and some plants with decorative foliage (ivy, sedge, heuchère...) tolerate shade. Winter is also a good season to adopt plants without flowers on the balcony: by playing on colors and shapes, you will compose graphic planters that will have nothing to envy to those of summer.

Winter flowers

Thehellebore or christmas rose is one of the few flowers to bloom in December. Hardy, it is easy to grow.

Other early flowers include the daffodils, daffodils, the primroses, the thoughts, the violets, the cyclamen (in a mild climate) ...

White, pink or red, the winter heather bring their old-fashioned charm. Their slow growth makes them the allies of lazy gardeners: they can stay several years in the same pot!

They are also a good option for shaded balconies, as they fear direct sunlight.

Decorative foliage plants for planter

The choice is wide with amazing plants like the maritime cineraria with silvery foliage, ornamental cabbage and their large "flowers" of leaves, the sedge and her long "hair". So many possibilities to compose graphic and original planters.

Evergreen shrubs for patio

Ever green, holly is a plant of choice to liven up the balcony all year round, as are the many dwarf conifers in the shape of mini fir trees, perfect for adding verticality to your composition.

Others, like the charcoal from Japan, are interesting for their variegated foliage. Berry shrubs - love apple tree, small holly, Gaultheria, etc - will bring some color to the whole. What to compose an anti-gloom planter to illuminate the cold season!

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