Comfrey manure: an excellent fertilizer

Comfrey manure: an excellent fertilizer

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Among the most used by gardeners promoting organic gardening, comfrey manure is also one of the most effective organic fertilizers in the garden and vegetable patch.

It also acts as a pest repellant and compost activator.

Thanks to its high content of organic matter, especially potash, calcium and nitrogen, it is a recognized growth and flowering stimulator for plants.

For a fertilizer richer in nitrogen, you will use the nettle manure.

Recipe for 10 liters of comfrey manure

  • Pick 1 kg of very fresh leaves.
  • Macerate in 10 liters of rainwater (less calcareous) for 1 to 2 weeks
  • Do not use a metal container for maceration.
  • Mix regularly

We know that the liquid manure is ready when the liquid is black and the leaves form a puree at the bottom of the container.

  • Then filter to remove any residue and have a perfectly clean liquid.

Use of comfrey manure

Comfrey manure can be used throughout the period of growth and flowering plants and vegetables.

It is used as fertilizer at a rate of 10% comfrey manure for 90% water.

  • If I put 9 liters of water, I will therefore add 1l of liquid manure to have a good fertilizer for the plants.

It is used as pest repellent at a rate of 5% comfrey manure for 95% water.

  • If I put 9.5 liters of water in a sprayer, I will therefore add 50 cl of liquid manure.

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